How To Get Privacy Without a Fence

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Neighborhoods can be charming when you consider friendly neighbors, manicured lawns and homes, and plenty of community support. However, living in an area, sometimes you crave a little more privacy without having to build a privacy fence. Maybe you have a nosy neighbor; perhaps you want a bit of privacy for your own security, perhaps you want to create more of a barrier for your yard or back porch; no matter what the issue is, there are ways to add privacy to your yard with minimal cost or structural additions.

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Plant Some Lemon Grass

Have you ever seen a big potted lemongrass plant? It makes quite a statement in the way of surface area. A healthy one is beautiful and smells good, too. If you’re looking for a way to add privacy to part of your yard, like a patio or pool area, consider buying a couple of significant (like 2-3 feet clay pots), and planting some lemongrass in there. The lemongrass will grow tall and wide, and at full growth, you should notice it blocks a significant amount of view from the neighbor. One probably won’t do the trick, but 2-3 of them side by side should do it. As a bonus, lemongrass is a natural mosquito deterrent; so for those hot summer nights, you’ll rid yourself of those nosy neighbors and those pesky mosquitos.

Photo by Sofiya Levchenko on Unsplash

Grow Up a Lattice

If you’re looking for something with a little more substance that’s still as subtle as a houseplant blocking their view, considering building a lattice onto the side of your deck or on the bottom of the yard, say, behind a garden. You can create these pieces as high as you’d like, and then you can grow beautiful plants up either side to fill in the spaces. Not only is this an efficient way to get some more privacy, but it should also be pleasing to the eye and minimally disruptive to both you and your neighbor. There are hundreds of climbing, flowering vines, and plants to choose from; in the spring and summertime, tomato plants are a great option.

Photo by Maxwell Young on Unsplash

Grow a Hedge

There are many benefits to growing a hedge around your yard – an added source of privacy is just one of them. It appeals to all parties, and finishes off a well-manicured yard quite nicely, without the added expense and structural inconvenience of a picket fence. Evergreen varieties will last year round, whether they’re rich in deep green color or they turn and flower in a beautiful seasonal way. Select a kind that works well in your climate zone and will grow naturally to be the height and width that you desire. Otherwise, you might have your work cut out as far as keeping it alive and manicured to your liking.

Photo by Caroline Sleeper on Unsplash

It doesn’t have to be as complicated as building a fence or growing many trees for privacy – trees will take years to rise to the necessary height, anyway. Plant some lemongrass, build a lattice or grow a hedge – any one of these options will keep everyone happy, and fulfill the purpose of creating more privacy.

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