Make Your Stairs More Interesting With These Tips


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Let’s face it; your stairs are rather dull. They’re just there, and they don’t grab attention or seem to be of any use besides taking you from one floor to the next. They might even be an eyesore if you’ve been focusing on decorating elsewhere. What can you do, anyway? They’re just stairs, and it’s too challenging to paint them or make them more a part of your home. Think again! There are things you can do to make your stairs more interesting, and not all of them will cost you a bundle!


Stair Runner

Stair runners, by far, are the easiest way to decorate your stairs. They’re best purchased for wooden stairs because a runner can’t grip carpeting as well and can become a slipping hazard. If you’ve got wooden stairs, you can easily cover up various scuffs or flat spots with a beautiful runner, and only spend a couple of bucks for it. Try finding a runner that matches your carpeting or décor, and voila, you’ll have a beautiful staircase with minimal effort!


Painted Stairs

A blooming artist can easily decorate their own home with just a few gallons of paint! Painting the stairs isn’t the right solution for carpeted stairs, but anyone with wooden or unfinished stairs can only give them a good once over with some paint.


Decorate it by adding your artwork, or paint stripes of color along the stairs for an artistic addition to your home. Whether you pick one color to stand out amongst your décor, or you paint it with your favorite animals and plants, paint is a surefire way to make your stairs the main attraction.

Photo by Victoria Borodinova from Pexels

Under the Stairs Addition

If you like construction, then why not add something under the stairs? If you have space, you can use the area under the stairs to build something. There are hundreds of ideas for bookcases, office workspaces, and even doggy houses. If your stairs are near your main entrance, you could make a cubby hole to store your shoes, purse, keys, and coats, and keep them out of the way. Make a playhouse for your kids, a pantry, or an area for your dog to call his own, with just a few modifications and an entryway. Wine collector? Install a custom wine cabinet under your stairs to allow your wines to be on display while staying out of the way! The possibilities are endless if you have space under your staircase that you can renovate.

Whether you want to recarpet your stairs, dress it up a little more, or make the stairs an integral part to your home, it’s easy and possible with these ideas. It doesn’t take much to add a runner or change the carpet, paint, or wood finish. And with just a little bit of effort, you can make your stairs a beautiful part of your home. Why not look into fixing up your staircase this winter? That way you’ll have a fantastic story to tell come holiday season!

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