Belgian Style Will Give Your Room The Perfect Modern-Vintage Vibe

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If you’ve ever stayed somewhere in Europe, you may have noticed an old-world rustic ambiance that seems reminiscent of a bygone age. If so, you may have encountered a room decorated in the Belgian style. Belgian decor is known for its large furniture, plush linens, and natural lighting. But there is more to this style that would suit any decorator with a casual feel in mind.


Rustic Look

The best way to describe the Belgian style is vintage combined with organic chic, and you don’t have to invest an excessive amount of money into your new look. The Belgian style consists of the following core attributes: ceramic, stone, and natural wood.

Photo by Jarrod Pimental on Unsplash

You’ll notice plenty of wood with a certain patina. Patina refers to the wooden sheen from the furniture and the metal oxidization, which derives from impeccable cleaning and polishing. The vintage visual stems from the antique furniture and accessories, and your room items should appear worn down by time and the cold elements.

Belgian-style decorators emphasize keeping accents and decorations in a pure state, free of glossy embellishments that may look too flashy. For instance, you’ll commonly find Belgian rooms that have unfinished wood or chalky ceramics in neutral colors.

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Pleasing Accentuation

The addition of the furniture and decorations will make or break your Belgian-style aspirations. Keep in mind that you should keep accessories to a minimum to foster open space. Pick such accessories as carved wood or wicker to make your room grounded in nature.

Another example is large furniture in the form of a sofa, which fosters an inviting feeling upon entering the room.

Pexels, bruce mars

With that, the color of furniture should usually not draw attention to itself and should blend into its natural surroundings. Avoid intense colors that may overpower a room and draw unnecessary attention, as neutral or light colors establish an even presentation throughout the room.

Linen fabric is a core element of the Belgian style, especially for drapes and bedding. When draping, take a minimalist approach to leave additional space throughout the room. Old wood adds to the homey space in parts of the room, and you can add burnished metal accessories for added effect. Moreover, choose finishes that include old-world or matte, as these selections achieve the signature textures of vintage metal and wood.

Flickr, Reiner Kraft

Modern Flair

Though the Belgian style is known for its classic sensibilities, it is intertwined with a modern touch that renders it refreshing and eye-pleasing. In other words, this is not a style that will remind you of your grandma’s house. For example, the use of dangling light pendants from the ceiling provides a subtle contrast to the vintage style. If you wish to buffer your vintage aesthetics, you can add sconces that hold candles for a European flair.

 Pexels, flat hito

In addition to candle lighting, the brightness of a Belgian room prevents a drab appearance and highlights the scope of the room. Therefore, make sure that your windows allow as much lighting as possible to maximize the modern look of your room.

Place ivory candles throughout the warm for extra warmth, including area rugs in the form of sisal.

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