Make The Most Of Your Mattress With These Helpful Tips

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Do you relish sleeping in on a lazy afternoon? If you care about getting quality sleep, you will want to take steps to protect your mattress, and ensure its longevity. A mattress is a significant investment for furnishing your home, supports proper spinal alignment, and can be a refuge for relaxation. You can get a lot of great years out of your mattress, once you learn how to best care for your bed.


Deter Dust Bunnies

You love your mattress because it provides comfort and support created using multiple layers. Unfortunately, the same layers that cushion your joints at night are susceptible to dust mites, spills, bacteria, and debris. Protect your mattress with a cover and use a bed skirt. Bed skirts may look frilly and old-school, but they help keep grime and dirt from building up underneath your bed.

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A mattress deserves adequate protection against body oils, skin flakes, sweat, and dirt. Outfit your mattress with a pad or enclosed cover to resist bed bugs, moisture, allergens, and early degradation.

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Handle With Care

Sure, you may not be able to outright wash your mattress, but there are ways you can help keep it clean. For starters, you will want to make sure to change and wash your bed linens, bed skirts, mattress pads, and other protective covers as needed. Whenever the seasons change, make an effort to strip your mattress and give it a once-over with a vacuum cleaner.

Pay attention to removing debris from the seams, where dust mites and allergens like to hide. If your mattress seems a little funky, feel free to sprinkle baking soda liberally for some effective deodorization. While you’re at it, occasionally expose your mattress to the sun’s UV rays and fresh air to help reduce odors.

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Extending Longevity

There’s no reason a well cared for mattress can’t offer support for a minimum of five years or more. Avoid letting your pets sleep under your mattress, to prevent a buildup of dander, hair, and allergens. When you get a stain on your mattress, give it time to air out after spot cleaning, and use a hair dryer if needed to remove moisture.

Don’t let the kids jump on a mattress, and reconsider using the mattress in lieu of a step stool to reach high places. Regularly rotate your mattress to distribute your body weight and prevent sagging, and make sure your bed has adequate support with wooden slats, box springs, or a foundation.

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Check-Up Time

If you have to move your mattress around, take the time to look it over for signs of wear-and-tear, and clean it as needed. You will know it may be time to trade in that old mattress for a new one, if you constantly wake up with aches and pains, or springs are starting to poke through the surface.

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When rotating your mattress, try not to rely on attached handles for support, and switch the sides you like to sleep on to reduce sagging. If you keep your mattress clean and dry, you can lessen the chances of mold and mildew building up inside. Overall, your mattress should give you anywhere from eight to ten years of sleeping bliss, before it’s time to give it the heave-ho.

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Best Habits To Have

When you decide on the right mattress for you, invest in a quality frame and support system. Don’t consider placing an old, tired mattress under a new one, instead of using a foundation or box spring. If you are going to choose a mattress protector for underneath your fitted sheet, opt for a washable mattress cover that is waterproof, and allows for air circulation.

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If you feel you need more support for your back and joints, consider placing a mattress topper on your bed for extra cushion. Ideally, try to vacuum your mattress every two to three months, and routinely change and wash bedding materials on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for optimal results.

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