Spruce Up Your Space With A Vintage Rug

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Adding a vintage rug into a living room, foyer, or bedroom is a great way to transform the look and feel of a space. Vintage rugs are visually interesting, utilize timeless patterns and designs, and give off a sophisticated vibe. Caring for a vintage rug is not too difficult, and you can find some great floor coverings at an antique store, or even through an online source.

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Creating Visual Pop

A vintage rug is the perfect item to add to a room that could use more texture, some eye-catching patterns, or bold color. Many popular rugs come from Turkey, Persia, or Morocco. A rug that has a raised pile will give a space a more rough and rustic feel.

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Vintage rugs with an elaborate repeating pattern using traditional ethnic designs, inject a bohemian vibe in a room that has more modern, utilitarian furniture. Place a visually arresting vintage rug so that it is the focal point, or use it to cushion a floor that gets a lot of foot traffic.

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Sizing Up Your Rug

When you purchase a vintage rug, you may need to prepare yourself for a floor covering with an odd size. Unlike modern rugs, vintage rugs may have experienced some shrinkage, or wear and tear.

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Take careful measurements of the space you want to place your rug, whether it is a narrow hallway, grand living room, or a modest bedroom. Feel free to experiment with layering vintage rugs of different sizes to cover up the floor, and add visual appeal.

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Preserve Your Rug’s Life

Most vintage rugs will not come with a pad underneath to prevent slipping and sliding, so you will want to purchase a protective pad. Depending on the condition of your vintage rug, you may want to enlist a professional cleaner to restore it to its original condition or live with a more worn-in looking rug.

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Make sure to vacuum a vintage rug with care, and be cautious about too much exposure to UV light. The UV rays from the sun can damage delicate wool, goat, or silk fibers of a rug over time, or may cause colors to fade.

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You Have To Shop Around

When you are ready to make the plunge to purchase a vintage rug, it is much better to shop in-person than shopping online. You want to be able to get a closer look at the condition of a rug, feel the textures, and get a better understanding of how it will fit in your home.


If you decide to shop for a vintage rug via a reputable online source, make sure to ask lots of questions and seek out protection for your purchase. Check out reviews for sellers of vintage rugs, and make a comfortable budget for your new home décor.

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Antique Versus Vintage

Sellers may love to label their rugs as vintage or antique, so you will want to know the difference between the quality and price you are paying. Vintage rugs are at least 20 years of age, whereas an antique rug may be closer to the 100-year mark.


Fully understanding how age, weaving technique, textile material, and room conditions will impact the care and longevity of your rug are important. When in doubt, seek out an expert in the care and maintenance of vintage or antique rugs, so you can enjoy an heirloom piece for generations.

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