Create A Bedroom In Your Studio Apartment with These Tricks

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If you live in or are considering moving into a studio apartment, you may find it difficult figuring out how to arrange your space. Well, we have help for you! Here are a few ideas that will simplify your life and help you create both a living room and bedroom area out of a single studio apartment. From smooth DIY walls to other creative décor designs, you’re sure to find the perfect plan that’s right for you, your space and your budget.

Design A Bookshelf For A Half Wall

Among the oldest tricks in the studio apartment book is the beloved bookcase wall. Not only does it give the feeling of a make-shift wall, but it’s also incredibly handy when it comes to storage. IKEA style cube shelving is always an excellent choice because you can design the cubes to be as see-through or blocked off as you’d like. Add in storage boxes for a more substantial look or fill your cubes with books or knick-knacks to keep things more open. While floor to ceiling shelving is beautiful, you’ll find that even a waist-high bookcase can go a long way in helping create a half wall feel.

Use Different Paint Colors

If your landlord who will let you paint, try using two-toned painting as a fun way to create a feeling of having different rooms. Then you will want to get all your furniture situated; it should become clear which part of your apartment will be your living area and where you should place your sleeping area. Pick out a different color scheme for each section and paint the walls around them accordingly.

Create Faux Walls

If you Create walls around your sleeping area, you can create the feeling of having an extra room without actually having to build one. Creating faux may sound hard, but it doesn’t have to be. For see-through walls, try using large window frames or PAX closet doors that you can also find at IKEA. If you wish to create more privacy, you can quickly build a sliding wall system. After they are installed, you will have sturdy walls that can fold out whenever you need them.

Use Curtains To Create A Room

Many owners of studio apartments can tell you, curtains can be used for more than windows. By installing ceiling curtains around your bed you create an easy, cost-effective way to create a bedroom. You also get the added bonus of being able to tie them up giving your apartment an open feel or enclose them around your bed when you need a bit more privacy. having just one well-placed curtain at the end of your bed will create a feeling of a division between your sleeping and living areas.

Try A Folding Screen

If you aren’t too handy with hardware but like the idea of having access to another wall, then never fear. Perhaps the quickest and easiest way to create a room divider is by investing in a folding screen. Not only are they a simple and lightweight way to divide a room, but you can also adapt it to fit into your decor scheme. Go subtle with shutter types that feel new with an old vintage look, or add bold colors to keep them modern, the design possibilities are endless.

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